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Tribe of Diamonds

“Every woman should experience this at least once in a lifetime…”  - Tommi Wolfe

Style. Success. Spirituality. Sexuality.

Every woman is an amazing array of tangible and intangible assets that magically arrange themselves into her unique feminine essence. She is successful, spiritual, sexual, physical, creative, intellectual, playful, joyful, skillful, resourceful—an exquisite and complex collection of surfaces that yearn for symmetry, clarity, and brilliance—like a diamond.

Do you ever feel like you’re so busy taking care of everyone and everything else around you that you’ve lost or forgotten or at the very least neglected some of these aspects of your femininity? Do you feel like some of them exist somewhere inside of you, but they are buried deeply in shame, regret, or trauma? View full post »

Once again I was blessed with the opportunity to work with a wonderful group of women at Rachael Jayne Groovers “Art of Feminine Presence” workshop. This time it took place in Santa Ana, California. The women were, as always, amazing to work with. It is an incredible experience to not only witness their transformations, but to be a part of it. I look forward to serving the next group in Dublin, Ireland next month.


A perfect day in Napa Valley as Emily and Keven came together to be married at the V. Sattui Winery in St. Helena, CA. The wedding went off smoothly and without a hitch, and a good time was had by all!

  • Georgina James - Amazing photo’s Don..

  • Robin Phelps - Absolutely gorgeous photos!

Rachael Jayne Groover

When I first heard of Rachael Jayne Groover’s amazing work a few years ago, I immediately began wondering how we might work together. Her book “Powerful and Feminine” had just been published, and her Art of Feminine Presence program had already been changing lives for some time. I’d spent roughly the past decade trying to wrap my head around the transformations that I was witnessing through my lens, and somehow I knew that she would play a role.

Fast forward a couple of years, and here I am in the throes of the purpose of my life, in no small part due to the fact that I went through Datta Groover’s Authentic Speaker Academy six months ago. I found my voice, I defined my purpose, and I’m currently “touring” with both Rachael Jayne and Datta Groover and speaking to groups of beautiful, amazing women around the globe.

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  • Nancy Morrison - so beautiful! i have done some similar work and have always wanted to dig deeper.. well done!! images that capture their true essence. these will be treasured forever!

  • Yvette Muñoz - I loved doing this shoot with you and Rachael Jayne Groover! Keep the positive coming!